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‘ABP’ Bear Brown Deletes & Reshares Pain Of Tragic Loss

‘ABP’ Bear Brown Deletes & Reshares Pain Of Tragic Loss

Bear Brown- Instagram

Alaskan Bush People (ABP) star Bear Brown took the death of his dad, Billy really hard. Actually, all of the family seemed stricken when the Discovery Channel covered the story. Apart from Matt Brown, the family seems to be very close, and of course, his wife, Ami was shattered. Recently, Bear’s been posted about the loss and pain.

ABP Bear Brown Shared The News Of Billy’s Death

As Raiven Adams Brown and her husband were soon to marry, Discovery Channel fans thought that her now-husband had posted about more problems between them. However, when he talked about how his heart felt broken, it turned out that he was talking about Billy’s death. Since then, he seldom forgets to mention his dad on special days.

Alaskan Bush People - Billy Brown - Discovery Channel YouTube

Bear Brown stepped up in his dad’s absence. The Alaskan Bush People star separated from Raiven for a bit, but they got back together again. These days, he takes care of his mom, Ami. This winter, they all live together with the two kids, Cove and River. Before that happened, he helped his mom prepare her home on the ranch in Washington. He’s been doing a lot of the stuff his dad would have done for Ami.

Alaskan Bush People Star Bear Remembers His Dad Shares Pain

Rain, the youngest child of Ami and Billy remembered to post a photo of her dad on his birthday. It was the last one they ever had taken together. Now that her older brother has shared his photos, they reveal his dad doing what he did best: working with livestock and engines, and loving his wife, Ami.

ABP Bear Brown shares photos of his late dad Billy - Instagram

In his Instagram post, which arrived later than Rain’s, Bear Brown told his Alaskan Bush People fans that he deleted the original photos.

[I] accidentally deleted my birthday post for Da! Here it is again with different pictures. The 3rd would have been Da’s 71st birthday! I miss him so much! Nothing is the same without him! I miss him as much today as when we first lost him! Trying to make you proud Da and live up to your example! You have some big shoes to fill! Love you more Da! Happy Birthday!!!!

ABP fans were there for him because he still feels a lot of pain.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Billy 🙏 Bear he will always be with you looking down and very proud of you ❤️
Miss him so much and I know it’s hard on all of you😍😢😍😍.
I love all of these photos of Billy ❤️Your Da is incredibly proud of you. He’s watching down on you smiling from ear to ear with so much pride. He’s with you always ❤️Happy Heavenly Birthday Billy🎈 🎂 🐎.
Thanks for sharing! Great pics.
What are your thoughts about the nice photos that Bear Brown shared of his late dad, Billy Brown? Do you agree that the ABP star seems to be trying to make his father proud of him? These days, Bear seems to have settled down well with Raiven, and his kids, and he makes sure his mom, Ami is safe. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Remember to come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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