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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Says She Is A ‘Pregnant Sick Momma’

‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Says She Is A ‘Pregnant Sick Momma’

Alaskan Bush People star Raiven Brown is pregnant with her third son. However, things are not going well in her household, with an illness spreading around her family. This is scary because Raiven has struggled with her pregnancies in the past, so getting sick could lead to dangerous situations.

Here is what Raiven said is going on right now during her current pregnancy.

Raiven Brown Says She Is Tired & Sick Right Now

Raiven Brown is pregnant with her and Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown’s third son. She recently revealed she was having a boy and then revealed his full name to fans this past week. With her first two sons named River and Cove, Raiven and Bear are naming their third son, Harbor Coast Joshua Brown.

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However, Raiven isn’t able to relax during this pregnancy. She and Bear moved to Texas to be close to her family. It also puts them closer to a good NICU, which is important based on her past pregnancy problems. This might also be good because Raiven said sickness is flowing through their household.

Raiven took to Instagram and said that she is a “tired pregnant sick momma.” She said she was up all night with Cove, who is sick. She also said River was also sick, but he is feeling better. With that said, it seems she is feeling the sickness in her as well after caring for her boys. This is not a good thing based on her past.

Raiven Brown Has Had Tough Pregnancies In The Past

While this is Raiven Brown’s third son, it is her fourth pregnancy with Bear Brown. Alaskan Bush People fans know that Raiven suffered a miscarriage in between River and Cove’s birth. That made Cove her rainbow baby. However, neither River nor Cove was an easy delivery.

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River was born prematurely but ended up healthy and is growing up fast. Raiven then had a hard time with her third pregnancy. She was put on bedrest for months before finally delivering Cove. She had to spend time in the hospital after Cove’s birth and Cove himself was on a breathing machine. It was tough, and that is why Raiven went back to Texas early in this pregnancy to be closer to a good hospital with a NICU.

It was also tough with Cove because she and Bear Brown separated during the pregnancy. Bear showed up when she had Cove, but then he left her alone after that. It made things hard since she had to care for both boys after the hospital stay. Luckily, it seems she and Bear are both on better terms in this pregnancy and he is hopefully helping out with the sick kids.

What are your thoughts on Raiven Brown’s latest pregnancy problems? Please send your well wishes and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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