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‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Shares Gender Reveal For Third Baby

‘ABP’ Raiven Brown Shares Gender Reveal For Third Baby

Raiven Brown and Bear Brown - IG

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven Brown and Bear Brown announced last year that they were expecting their third baby. Raiven has since returned to Texas to be close to an NICU for her pregnancy. Bear then followed. The family seems closer than ever and now, they have revealed the gender of their third baby.

Here is the gender of Raiven’s third baby and when it is likely due.

Raiven Brown Gender Reveal For Third Baby

Raiven Brown offered up the gender reveal for her third baby with Bear Brown on TikTok, before also sharing it on Instagram. This is the third baby for the couple and their fourth pregnancy. River Brown was born in 2020 and turns four this year. Raiven miscarried her second pregnancy and their third baby, Cove, was born in January 2023. The fourth pregnancy, and third baby, was announced in late 2024.

Raiven and Bear Brown - Instagram

The child is supposed to be born in August 2024. However, the date remains up in the air because Raiven is a high-risk pregnancy. River was born prematurely and spent time in the NICU. However, he turned out to be a healthy and happy boy. Raiven ended up on months of bedrest while pregnant with Cove and both mother and child had to undergo a hospital stay when he was born as well.

There are hopes that this new baby will not have the same problems as the previous two. As for the gender reveal, Raiven revealed a video with a knitted orange sweatshirt. What looked like River’s hand laid note cards on the shirt one at a time. They read “Its” “A” and “Boy.” He then placed a blue Hot Wheels car on the shirt next to the gender reveal announcement.

Raiven wrote, “Our family is complete and we couldn’t be happier. This life is more than I could ever have asked for. We are So happy and can’t wait to meet baby!”

Will Raiven Brown’s Pregnancy Play Out On Alaskan Bush People?

Fans wanted to see Raiven Brown’s pregnancy with Cove play out on Alaskan Bush People. However, the last season of the show had small moments but that was it. Raivenj announced her pregnancy on the show in a nice moment with Ami Brown. They also had the gender reveal on the show. However, Raiven and Bear split up before the baby was born.

The two have gotten back together. There is no word on whether Discovery has been filming anything for Alaskan Bush People over the last year. There are lots of stories to tell, from Noah Brown building his home in Alaska to Rain mining for gold. Bear and Raiven’s pregnancy and the introduction of Cove is another story.

Do you want to see another season of Alaskan Bush People? Do you want to see Bear and Raiven’s family featured if there is a new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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