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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Takes On A New Role

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Raiven Brown Takes On A New Role

Raiven Brown on Alaskan Bush People - screencap

Raiven Brown is making big changes in her life and it seems like she has taken on a new role. The former Alaskan Bush People star went from being a reality TV star to what she now refers to as a “creator.”

Here is what Raiven Brown said about herself as she begins the next stage of her life.

Raiven Brown declares herself a ‘creator’

Raiven Brown has always had a strange relationship with Alaskan Bush People fans. She often goes on Instagram and TikTok and shares things happening in her life. She then gets frustrated when people start talking about her life online.

After telling everyone that she and Bear Brown had separated again, she decided that she doesn’t like that people are talking about it. This time, she took to both Instagram Live and TikTok to talk about her status as a “creator.”

Raiven Brown screencap

On Instagram Live, Raiven posted a poem that explained that people can try to talk down to her, but it will never stop her. However, it was her post on TikTok that seemed to lash out at fans who remain interested in her personal life, which she considers off-limits even though most of the info comes from her sharing it.

In the post, Raiven stared at the camera and the screen included the text, “Being a creator allows the public to see what you share. Being a creator does not mean you are entitled to every aspect of their life. You wouldn’t bully someone in person and say the things you say online.”

With that comment, it seems that Raiven Brown now considers herself a “creator” based on nothing more than just posting updates on social media.

Raiven Brown likely finished with Alaskan Bush People

It might be that Raiven Brown wants to make a living on social media, although that isn’t as easy as it sounds. Raiven has 70,000 followers on Instagram and 98,000 followers on TikTok. However, all of her posts on TikTok are videos about her kids. Instagram is even worse since she constantly deletes posts there, which makes her making money there almost impossible.

Raiven Brown on social media

However, it might be a good idea for Raiven to find something like this to make money. She is raising two boys by herself right now, one just born. With Bear Brown back in Washington, and the two apparently broken up, she won’t be appearing on Alaskan Bush People anymore.

This means she can’t get any publicity to help build her platform, and she will have to rely on people remembering her from the show if she wants to build her status as a “creator.”

Do you consider Raiven Brown a content creator just based on her status as a former Alaskan Bush People star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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