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‘APB’ Ami Brown Updates Fans After Hospital Release

‘APB’ Ami Brown Updates Fans After Hospital Release

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Alaskan Bush People fans heard from Snowbird Brown that her mom, Ami Brown was hospitalized and now, the head of the Wolfpack was able to update her fans herself. That seems like great news because the Discovery Channel star initially struggled to breathe on her own. What did she share with fans?

Ami Brown Was In Distress, Went To The Hospital

When the ABP star fell ill just over a week ago, she was fortunate that she and her late husband, Billy had relocated to Washington. At the time, she was fighting against cancer and the move ensured medical attention wasn’t too far away. According to Snowbird, she got a cold, and her mom also fell ill. However, it became very worrying when she struggled to breathe. So, they took her to an ER where the cold turned out to be pneumonia.

Ami Brown ABP Instagram

The next update about the Alaskan Bush People star came from Bear Brown. He said that Ami Brown was on the mend. In fact, he talked about her strength and her previous health struggles. The Discovery Channel star felt confident that soon, his mom would be home. Naturally, many fans said they prayed for her and hoped she would be back with her family quickly. Then on Saturday, March 23, the Wolfpack’s mom updated fans in an Instagram reel.

ABP Star Updates During A Walk In The Snow After Hospital

The update seemed to shock a few people because the tough mother shared the news that she was home while walking around in a snowstorm. It became obvious that she was not totally fixed up yet, because people could hear her breathing was quite raspy. However, she dressed for the cold weather in a black coat. Additionally, she wore a hat to keep the snow off of her head.

Amy Brown Gives ABP Fans An Update - Instagram

In her caption, she wrote, “A Snowy Mountain Walk.” More details arrived as she talked in the reel. The ABP star said:

Hello, I thought I would step outside to exercise my lungs a little…I’m not dizzy or feel like I’m going to fall over, so I thought I’d share this beautiful snowstorm with you today…My voice is still very hoarse, all that coughing in the hospital. And, I want to thank y’all for your well-wishes…I appreciate the love and prayers. I’m still put of breath, and I still have pneumonia, but I’m getting better…It was a gorgeous [out] today, though.

One Discovery Channel fan cautioned Ami Brown, saying, “Your breathing is very rapid – maybe don’t walk while breathing in cold air.”

However, others sent in love and encouragement in the comments:

So glad to hear that you’re feeling better!!
It is so good to see you out of the hospital!
Beautiful, please take care, lots. And love and Prayer Ami❤️❤️
Better soon sweetheart x warmest wishes and hugs, Irene from England 😍😍
Are you happy to see that Ami Brown feels so much better? She still sounds very breathless and hasn’t fully recovered but is slowly getting better. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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