Cyrus Learns the Shooter Called Stone Is [Spoiler] — Plus, Sonny Finally Removes His Wedding Band

Cyrus Learns the Shooter Called Stone Is [Spoiler] — Plus, Sonny Finally Removes His Wedding Band

Cyrus gets information

Sam meets Liz at the hospital, and thanks her for arranging for Danny to volunteer here while he’s grounded. Liz can see Sam is worried something deeper is going on with Danny. Sam is but doesn’t know what normal teenage behavior is. Danny shows up and asks if they can go home now. He left his coat upstairs, and says he can get it tomorrow, but Sam orders him to go get it now. Liz lets Sam know this seems like normal teenage behavior to her.

Liz Sam and Danny GH

Liz and Sam take a walk, and Sam admits Danny’s never been grounded before, and he’s gotten so quiet lately. Liz says Jason was also a man of few words. Sam says Danny reminds her more of Jason every day. She worries about Danny’s quietness, and she doesn’t want Danny to see her as the enemy when she holds him accountable for his actions.

Liz and Sam connect GH

Sam notes Liz has three boys so how does she talk to them? Liz says each one is different, and each has their own language. Liz says a shared experience, like doing something you like together, it helps them open up. Sam thanks her for the advice. Danny returns, and Liz thanks Danny for his help today. Sam and Danny head off, and he moans, “Time to go back to lockup.” She suggests they go somewhere else.

Sam gets advice GH

Sam takes Danny to the footbridge, which was a special place for her and his dad. She feels close to him here and thought Danny would too. She says Jason wanted to teach him how to ride, and 16 isn’t far away. However, she knows it’s not like learning from your dad. She tells her son that he can talk about his dad any time. Danny admits it feels weird, and Sam says if it is because of Dante then he shouldn’t feel weird, Dante doesn’t want to replace his dad.

Sam and Danny on the footbridge GH

Danny confesses he’s been missing his dad, and his friend Wyatt’s dad came home after a two-year overseas tour. They used to talk about their dads being gone all the time, but now Wyatt’s dad is back, and he feels terrible for wishing he wasn’t. Sam says that’s normal, and Wyatt was someone he could relate to. Sam tells him that he can talk to her, but he pulls away and says he’s good. She sees he’s not. Danny admits she and Uncle Drew were so sad when Dad died, and he didn’t want to add to that burden. Sam says he is no burden, and he can talk to her any time. They head out.

TJ, Molly and Kristina have an ultrasound, and they’ve made it through the first trimester. Dr. Navarro asks if they want to know the sex, and Kristina blurts out, “Yes!” Molly and TJ say they actually don’t want to know, and Kristina apologizes and was just caught up in the moment and of course, this is their decision. Molly asks to hear the heartbeat, and they all listen to it. Kristina is touched when she hears it and takes Molly’s hand.

Kristina ultrasound GH


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