General Hospital: Dante And Sam Face Relationship Trouble

General Hospital: Dante And Sam Face Relationship Trouble

In the turbulent world of General Hospital, the one thing that has been going shockingly stable for the longest time is Sam and Dante’s relationship! But, Alas! as we know, ” stable” is just a synonym for stale when it comes to the dramatic watch daytime soaps offer! Thus, to keep the storylines and relationships exciting and viable, a little shakeup every now and then is necessary! And it seems that soap gods have taken notice that Sam and Dante have been long overdue for some relationship trouble! So dive right in to find out what adversity the much-in-love couple is about to face!

Cody Leans On Sam For Help In Saving Sasha

Currently, General Hospital, the major plot of the soap, is leaning towards the injustice and indignity Sasha is suffering at her mother-in-law’s greedy paws. Gladys has literally destroyed Sasha’s recovery and pushed her back into a deep, traumatic hole at Ferncliff. Although, right now, nobody knows what she did, except her friend turned foe, ex-ally, Dr. Montague. But Cody has an inkling that Sasha is in deep trouble at the mental facility, and Gladys is responsible for it.

Thus, he has been trying to move heaven and earth in an attempt to reach Sasha on General Hospital. Recently, Cody turned towards Sam for help. He narrated to her everything that he knows so far and doubts. Sam, too, listened to his story intently and patiently. While she has not outright offered her direct and undivided support to Cody in his mission. She does seem to be leaning towards believing that something indeed is fishy, and Gladys is certainly doing Sasha dirty.

General Hospital: Dante Explodes At Sam’s Cody Secrets

The latest General Hospital spoilers have hinted that in the upcoming episodes, Sam might open up a new investigation against Gladys. Thus, this might have something to do with Cody’s insistence. Sam will decide that the case is certainly worth looking into, and she will start looking for clues that could ultimately uncover Gladys’s despicable acts. However, it will not be as simple as it sounds! While Sam may feel inclined towards believing Cody, Dante may not! In fact, he might choose to reprimand Cody for his erratic and less-than-legal ways of doing things.

General Hospital

This is where things will take a turn for trouble! By this time, Sam may have stumbled upon enough clues to buy Cody’s story. Thus, she may defend him to Dante. And that, of course, won’t go too well with him. Maybe Dante would offer his opinion that Cody has a lot of beef with Gladys, and he might be using Sasha as a means to get revenge on Gladys. This difference of opinion may cause a clash between Sam and Dante because Sam might still choose to believe Cody’s version of the tale! Will she ultimately go against Dante and support Cody? What impact will that have on her relationship with Dante? Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on the fate of their love story!


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