General Hospital: Months After Exit, Marcus Coloma Reveals The REAL TRUTH About Leaving

General Hospital: Months After Exit, Marcus Coloma Reveals The REAL TRUTH About Leaving

Remember the time when Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), on General Hospital, left the show? It took everyone by surprise. At the time, multiple rumors spread like wildfire, suggesting that Coloma had left for various reasons. The real reason was a bit of a secret. It wasn’t clear why he left, and that left fans curious. They wanted to know more about why Marcus Coloma left the show, but the real story remained hidden.

Many initially believed it was due to his unwillingness to film his final scenes after hearing he’d been let go. However, the truth, as Marcus Coloma recently revealed, was far more compelling. His departure was not about quitting but a road to recovery.

Marcus’s Health Struggles And The Aftermath

When Marcus Coloma exited General Hospital in his role as Nikolas, it happened abruptly. He had returned from a break due to contracting COVID, and shortly after that, we learned Nikolas would be leaving. During his COVID bouts, Adam Huss temporarily filled in for him. Many wondered why he didn’t finish the run. Initially, reports suggested that Coloma left because he didn’t want to film his final scenes. However, the real reason was health problems, which he opened up about in a recent interview with

Coloma shared that while COVID symptoms didn’t affect him too severely, the after-effects were brutal. He experienced brain fog and fatigue, making it challenging to memorize lines. It was only recently that he reached 100% recovery, surprising him with the length of these post-COVID effects. He believes COVID affects everyone differently, taking time for the body to recover fully.

General Hospital: Mixed Feelings About the Exit

Not being able to film Nikolas’ final scenes left Coloma with mixed feelings. He described it as disappointing, as if someone else finished a puzzle he had been working on for a while. However, this wasn’t the first time he’d been recast. He had to take breaks earlier, first due to exposure to someone with COVID and then due to contracting the virus himself. Coloma holds no hard feelings about the situation, understanding the fast-paced nature of daytime TV.

He explained that General Hospital operates as a well-run machine with high demands. Delays can have a negative effect on the entire production. While it was disappointing not to complete his role, he felt it was for the greater good of the production group.

In the television world, as they say, the show must go on. Marcus Coloma’s battle with long COVID finally seems to have come to an end. His exit from General Hospital may have been unexpected, but it was a decision made for health reasons. We look forward to seeing Marcus Coloma in future projects. So, let’s send our best wishes to Marcus and continue watching Adam Huss as Nikolas in General Hospital. Stay tuned to the TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital and its cast news updates!

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