General Hospital: Sasha Has Decided To LEAVE Port Charles, Is Sofia Mattsson Exiting?

General Hospital: Sasha Has Decided To LEAVE Port Charles, Is Sofia Mattsson Exiting?

Fans have finally taken a breath of relief now that Sasha is FINALLY safe on General Hospital. It is almost a given in soap universe that no character is ever safe. Neither from drama, nor crime. And poor Sasha feels victim too both in epic proportions. If losing her baby and husband was not dramatic enough, she had to endure extended abuse at her monster-in-law’s hands. All of it combined, perhaps made for the most unbearably painful tales of GH till date. But thanks to Cody, and his gang of supporters, Sasha has been finally rescued. But can safety be enough to keep her in Port Charles?

Sasha clearly doesn’t think so! The latest General Hospital spoilers tease that Sasha has made up her mind to leave Port Charles in the rare-view mirror. She now wants to move back to Austin, Texas. After the many ordeals that she has endured, Sasha does not feel like PC is the place for her anymore. Although she is really grateful to Cody for saving her, she has dismissed all his pleas to stay back in PC. Cody is completely smitten by Sasha, and has genuine feelings and harbors her best interest at heart. He sees a future with her. In fact, the GH fandom too, sees a future for them together.

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Ever since Cody and Sasha crossed paths earlier this year, fans gave them an A+ in the chemistry test! Viewers have been eagerly waiting to see romance bloom between them on General Hospital. But if Sasha leaves Port Charles all of that shipping will go to waste. Unfortunately, she seems in no mood to be persuaded by anyone to stay back. Even Maxie Jones could not convince her. Perhaps the town is a constant reminder of everything she has lost so far. Including Liam and Brando. And the current debacle with Gladys and Montague is just unforgettable. Moreover, the fact that she is being replaced as the face of Deception won’t help the cause either!

Does that mean Sasha will really bid goodbye to Port Charles and ride into the sunset all by her lonesome? It is a possibility! However, there is no news of actress Sofia Mattsson exiting General Hospital as of now. So we would say, there is still scope for a last minute miracle! Perhaps Cody will make a Hail Mary plea by confessing his true feelings for her. Maybe that would stir some emotion in her. We whole heartedly hope it does! Because after everything she has gone through, she does deserve a pure love like Cody’s. What do you think? Can Cody’s love confession stop Sasha from leaving? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Sasha’s fate!

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