General Hospital Spoilers: Ace’s True Paternity Devastates Spencer – Not Little Brother or Even a Cassadine?

General Hospital Spoilers: Ace’s True Paternity Devastates Spencer – Not Little Brother or Even a Cassadine?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) could be setting himself up for a crushing blow. GH fans know Spencer is pretty much obsessed with his little brother at this point, but what if Ace isn’t his little brother after all?

Considering how fixated Spencer is on Esme Prince’s (Avery Pohl) baby, that seems like a logical story route for the show to take.

Spencer has been pouring his heart and soul into caring for Ace, so now he’s furious over Esme wanting to move out with her son.

It’s clear that Spencer wants to be a father figure for Ace in Nikolas Cassadine’s (Adam Huss) absence.

Spencer has gone as far as saying Ace doesn’t need a father when the kid’s got him!

We also know Spencer doesn’t really want Nikolas to come home and rock the boat, but the real story shocker could come if Esme’s baby actually belongs to someone else.

DNA tests are a very typical thing on a soap, so there must be a reason why they never did one for Ace.

It’s never made sense for everyone to just accept Ace’s paternity as fact without firm proof from the lab.

It seems likely the show has intentionally left the door open for a paternity change to happen down the road.

Esme was still her old manipulative self back when Ace was conceived, so she might’ve gotten pregnant by someone else and simply claimed the baby belonged to Nikolas.

Of course, Esme has amnesia now, so she can’t know for sure who the real father is.

At this point, Esme is just assuming based on what everyone told her, so she may be as shocked as anyone if Ace’s bio dad is another man.

Regardless, the more Spencer goes on and on about his little brother, the less we’re convinced that they’re even related!

This is starting to feel like a setup for Spencer’s devastation when he eventually learns he has no biological link to Ace, who may not be a Cassadine at all.

General Hospital spoilers say Spencer could get some tough news about Ace if the show decides to make some paternity updates, so stay tuned.

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