GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Anna Demands the Truth!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Anna Demands the Truth!

The truth is a hot commodity in today’s GENERAL HOSPITAL! Chase can’t believe what Brook Lynn is saying, Gregory loses his cool, Curtis and Laura are not on the same page, John tries to stop Carly, Michael tries to get through to Sonny, and Anna is desperate to help Jason… but will he let her?

With Dante still in a coma, Chase has been preoccupied worrying about his partner and friend. But when Brook Lynn makes a suggestion, he can’t believe his ears! “Are you saying that we should call off the wedding?” he asks, stunned. Is that what she’s proposing, or just to postpone it for a bit?

Also at the hospital, Gregory loses his temper and snaps at someone. “Back off!” he yells. Are his symptoms becoming too much to bear?

Laura finds Curtis in the physical therapy room and naturally, the conversation turns to Jason and the suspicion that he’s the one who’s been shooting at Sonny, and by extension, hit Curtis and left him paralyzed. “Maybe you have a hard time believing it,” Curtis suggests, “because that’s not what really happened.”

At Bobbie’s, Carly grabs her purse and wants to head to the PCPD to check on Jason. “You can’t do that,” John insists, stepping in her way. Of course, Carly has never been one to take “no” for an answer!

Knowing some of what’s really going on with Jason, Michael visits Sonny to try and get his father to see sense. But for some reason, Sonny continues to believe that Jason has turned on him. “Anything’s possible,” he muses. Michael cuts in: “Even forgiveness?”

In the interrogation room, Anna wants to use her power as the police commissioner to help prove Jason’s innocence, but she needs his help to do it. “If there is any chance that I can help you,” she declares, “you have to tell me the truth!” But will he?

Check out this tease for a look at some of the drama coming up on GH!

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