GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Sam Fears the Worst!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers: Sam Fears the Worst!

Who has reason to worry in today’s GENERAL HOSPITAL? TJ expresses his concern to Molly as Kristina makes a confession to Blaze, Gregory reaches out to Tracy, Cyrus tries to get the information Anna’s after, Sonny loses his temper, and Sam opens up to Liz!

Molly and TJ might be happy that Kristina is pregnant with their child, but there could be complications with his whole surrogacy scheme. “Is it me,” he asks Molly, “or was that weird?” Back home, Kristina shares with Blaze what she’s feeling. “In that moment,” she confesses with tears in her eyes, “I felt like the baby was mine.” The problem is that it isn’t… and that could complicate things immeasurably!

At the Metro Court, Gregory approaches Tracy. “Join us,” he urges. But after learning that Gregory is going to Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding with Alexis, is Tracy in any mood to be a third wheel?

After delivering his sermon, Cyrus sits down with a Pentonville inmate to press him for information that could help Anna’s investigation. “Who is this man whose threats are worse than a lifetime in prison?” Cyrus asks as the cops listen in to the bug they planted on him. Will Cyrus get the name they’re after?

As Sonny continues digging to find out who’s after him, he seems to run into more questions than answers. And as his frustrations boil over, he loses his cool and throws his glass across the living room! Can anyone calm him down?

Sam has been seriously concerned about Danny’s recent behavior, and at the hospital, decides to open up to Liz about her fears. “Are you worried there’s something deeper going on?” the nurse wonders. Does Sam have good reason to worry about her son?

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