General Hospital Spoilers: Will Dex’s Revelation Shake Up Josslyn’s World?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Dex's Revelation Shake Up Josslyn's World?

General Hospital Spoilers

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital airing on Monday, March 18, Dex Heller’s startling confession about his recent actions sends shockwaves through Port Charles. Meanwhile, Sonny Corinthos finds an unexpected ally by his son’s bedside, and Nina Corinthos urges Ava Jerome to advocate for her. As tensions escalate, Josslyn Jacks confronts Dex over his risky choices, leading to a heated exchange.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlight

As Kevin Collins helps Marshall Ashford unravel the truth about Dr. Paul Braddock, Marshall grapples with the closure he seeks following his misdiagnosis. Elsewhere, Stella Henry’s unexpected encounter raises questions about what lies ahead. Meanwhile, Alexis Davis faces Diane Miller’s proposal with skepticism, prompting a deeper inquiry into their potential partnership.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia Quartermaine confides her fears about Dante Falconeri’s slow recovery to Lois Cerullo, seeking solace in their friendship. While Sonny stands vigil at Dante’s bedside, Tracy Quartermaine offers him unexpected support, leading to a moment of camaraderie between them.

In another corner of Port Charles, Nina urges Ava to assert herself, unaware of Ava’s conflicting emotions and hidden alliances. Meanwhile, Dex’s admission to Josslyn about his near-assassination of Cyrus Renault sparks a fierce reaction from her, prompting questions about loyalty and morality in the face of danger.

As tensions rise and secrets threaten to unravel, Monday’s episode promises a whirlwind of emotions and confrontations in the ever-dynamic world of General Hospital. Will Dex’s revelation strain his relationship with Josslyn beyond repair? And what consequences will Ava face as Nina applies pressure and suspicions swirl around her alliances? Viewers are left eagerly anticipating the fallout from these explosive revelations.


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