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‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets May Be Set To Double Gold Haul, While Parker Schnabel May Lose It All

‘Gold Rush’: Tony Beets May Be Set To Double Gold Haul, While Parker Schnabel May Lose It All

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Gold Rush Season 14 has been all about gold mining and lofty goals. In “Hey Parker, It’s Rick,” Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness talked for the first time in years. Moreover, Rick had a special requisition. He needed a new loader. Luckily, Parker spent $15 million on some land and a cornucopia of mining equipment. He takes care of Rick, and everything is happy-go-lucky.

However, in this new episode, Parker’s situation quickly turns serious. Schnabel took a big gamble at the beginning of the season. Will this lead him to more riches, or will he be haunted with regret?

Meanwhile, The Viking, Tony Beets is continuing his venture into the Indian River claim. Will this move be worth all of the hassle?

Lastly, Rick Ness has a new loader, but does he have enough team members to get to the gold?

Here is a sneak peek into the next episode of the Discovery series.

Parker Schnabel Gold Rush - YouTube

What Happens In Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 4 ‘Free Agent’

Gold Rush Season 14 is rolling along. Right now, Rick Ness has a loader but is without a mechanic or other essential crew members. Will this be the episode that sees a completed Team Rally? What is for sure is that Rick doesn’t have money, while Parker is spending money like crazy. Will these problems be alleviated?

According to IMDb, there are going to be some tense moments in this upcoming episode. “On the brink of going bankrupt, Parker tries to tap an old honey hole to turn the tide. It doesn’t work out and Parker has to spend MORE money to try to find gold. Rick tries out a new miner with a misfit past. Tony battles flooded creeks at Indian River to access the gold.”

Firstly, it looks like Team Rally is getting bigger. The season is going fast. Rick needs a full crew, and they need to be getting to the gold now. Ness has already confessed that he had some trust issues with his former team. But is he rushing things, or is he finding the team that he can trust to get him to his 1,000-ounce goal?

Has Parker Schnabel bitten off more than he can chew? He took a huge risk and invested a boatload of money. Also, he got his wish to be free of giving Tony royalties. Does Parker need to be careful what he wishes for? Is he going to regret this decision at the end of the season?

Rick Ness Gold Rush - YouTube

Tony Beets Checks Out The Indian River Dredge

Nothing makes Gold Rush star Tony Beets happier than working equipment. In this upcoming episode, “Free Agent,” Tony and Monica Beets check out the dredge on Indian River. They even take a sample and see some flakes and a nugget.

It looks like Tony will have a big season. He has dreamed of returning to the Indian River claim for a while. This season may prove to be the profitable season that he needs.

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Don’t miss Gold Rush Season 14, Episode 4, “Free Agent,” on Friday, October 20, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery.

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