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IT’S OVER Alaskan Bush People’s pregnant Raiven Adams reveals she has split from Bear Brown weeks before her due date with son

IT'S OVER Alaskan Bush People’s pregnant Raiven Adams reveals she has split from Bear Brown weeks before her due date with son

ALASKAN Bush People star Raiven Adams has revealed she has split from her husband Bear Brown weeks before her due date with her second son.

The couple have barely been married for a full year as the pair got hitched in January 2022.

Alaskan Bush People stars Bear Brown and Raiven Adams have announced their split

Raiven made a statement on her personal Instagram to confirm the news

Raiven took to her Instagram to share the sad news with her fans.

She posted: “Bear and I have separated. I am putting my health and my children first.”

The ABP star then elaborated and shared the two plan to continue to co-parent, especially with her second son on the way.

She shared: “We will be co-parenting, no drama, and I won’t be sharing info past this point.

“Our kids will be well taken care of.”

Raiven announced she was pregnant with their second child four months after their wedding.

The star did not reveal a reason behind their divorce and declared the singular statement is all she plans on sharing.

However, their honeymoon months have been on the rocks.

Bear was arrested for domestic violence assault in the fourth degree on March 11, 2022.

At the end of April, The Sun exclusively revealed that he has accepted a plea deal and reconciled with Raiven.

Raiven’s pregnancy hasn’t been without challenges as well.

She was recently rushed to the hospital for bed rest amid complications.

The reality TV star then shared a black and white photo of her growing baby bump on her Instagram Story and captioned the snap: “Ignore my wet hair but baby boy is getting big.”

She then invited her 67.2k followers to ask her some questions about her personal life and happily answered them honestly.

When someone asked Raiven what names she considered for her first child, she replied: “Honestly, we picked river and never really considered other names.”

She also confirmed that she will announce her new child’s name when he is born.

Another fan then asked if she had had any more complications with her pregnancy.

Raiven replied: “I went to the er again but thankfully we where able to stop contractions again. But I’m on bed rest until he is born and have weekly appointments.”

When another person asked if her current pregnancy was any different from her last, Raiven listed a few things.

“I didn’t have real cravings with River with this baby I do,” she explained.

“By this week with River I had an abruption that quickly became life threatening. So I had a c section at 34 weeks with river.

“Praying that this baby stays growing and makes it to his due date! So far I am still pregnant and he is still growing,” she added.

She said she is separated from Bear after being married for just under a year

She declares they intend to co-parent as their second baby is due in just weeks

Bear and Raiven got hitched in January 2022 but Bear was arrested for domestic violence in March


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