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Morgan Lauren Post Makes Gold Rush Star Rick Ness Furious

Morgan Lauren Post Makes Gold Rush Star Rick Ness Furious

‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Goes Ballistic On Morgan Lauren Online

Gold Rush star Rick Ness hasn’t started the new season yet, but he is already making headlines. Just hours after his now ex-fiancée Leese M. Arie accused Rick of cheating on her “at least 6 times,” he found himself having an online rant with a member of Team Rally.

Why did Rick Ness go ballistic on Morgan Lauren? Moreover, what did his ex-fiancée have to say about Morgan Lauren?

Rick Ness And Morgan Lauren Gold Rush - Facebook

Gold Rush Fan Wants To Know If Rick Ness Will Be Back

On Saturday, Gold Rush Season 14 newcomer Morgan Lauren posted on her Facebook page that she is in Canada. While this seemed innocent enough, Rick’s ex-fiancée’s post accusing him of being addicted to hookers and coke was what fans wanted to talk about. This led to an explosive exchange that wound up deleted.

Although Morgan has deleted it, Leese M. Arie shared it all on her Instagram page. What exactly transpired? Although this all seems very confusing, it all started with a top fan with a timely question. He asked, “Morgan Lauren, is it true Rick won’t be coming back next season? Leese M. Arie said in her post that he has an addiction to coke and prostitution.”

Morgan’s response was, “Jim Nelson trying my best to word this in the most appropriate manner…Even if there was a shred of truth in what she has to say (and I’m not saying there is) it’s going to be twisted in some fashion. The last person I’d be listening to is her.”

Basically, the fan was concerned that Rick would not be allowed into Canada or on the Discovery show because of the serious allegations made in Leese’s recent post about her ex-fiancé Rick Ness.

In turn, Morgan seemed to downplay anything that Leese said. This triggered Rick.

Gold Rush Rick Ness - Instagram

Morgan Lauren Post Makes Gold Rush Star Rick Ness Furious

In a lengthy rant, the Gold Rush star went ballistic on Morgan Lauren. He started his rant with, “There is no way for you to ‘word this in the most appropriate manner’ because when you had no actual personal knowledge or first hand experience of something, literally anything you try and say about it is going to be inappropriate.”

Gold Rush Rick Ness - Instagram

He then continued to tell her that “You’ve overstepped your boundaries into areas where you don’t belong and aren’t welcome. You are then answering questions about things as if you are and that is the problem.” He went on to talk about how she has set up her social media to answer questions “like you know every little detail about every little thing involving this business.” He then pointed out how she only worked one season.

Lastly, he wrote, “I think you may have forgotten the one thing that I asked from you in return for this opportunity. I said do not become a problem and that is all I’ve seen.”

Gold Rush Rick Ness - Instagram

Although this entire exchange was deleted, Morgan did answer one fan who asked if she would be back next season. Her response seemed tepid. “Michael Bishop not sure what the plan is as of yet for returning to the show, but I’ll be mining one way or another.”

Gold Rush Rick Ness - Instagram

Did Rick Ness fire Morgan? We don’t have any evidence of this. But, it does seem that although she is ready to work she is not sure what her situation is. However, she seems determined to be mining this season. But, will Morgan Lauren be back on the Discovery series? That remains to be seen.

Gold Rush Rick Ness - Instagram

Leese M. Arie Felt Disrespected By Morgan Lauren

As previously mentioned, the former fiancée of Gold Rush star Rick Ness, Leese M. Arie, posted this entire exchange. In addition, she posted a lengthy statement on how she tried to respond to Morgan Lauren’s statement, but she was blocked. In addition, she blocked Rick! That seems to indicate that there is little or no chance Amanda is returning to Team Rally.

Moreover, it certainly sounds like this animosity has been going on for quite some time. However, it all looks very complicated. It seems odd that Rick would explode at Morgan Lauren for her statement that will not affect his position on Discovery. Meanwhile, he seemed to defend his ex-fiancée in this situation, despite making some pretty serious accusations that could prevent him from returning to Canada or Discovery.

Gold Rush Ex-Fiancée Leese statement - Instagram

Gold Rush fans, what do you make of all of these posts? Who do you think is at fault here? Share your take on this below.


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