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What Really Happened With The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fire?

What Really Happened With The ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Fire?

Alaskan Bush People Washington Palmer Mountain Fire 2020- Discovery - YouTube

Alaskan Bush People fans heard that the Brown family lost their homes and infrastructure in the Washington Palmer Wildfire in 2020, and now Discovery Channel fans wonder what really happened. The Okanogan County fire also destroyed other homes and displaced families, so the reality TV stars were not the only ones affected.

Alaskan Bush People Family Called For Help

In the premiere of Season 12, the family got together and asked people to help in any way they could. Not for themselves, but for others affected. According to OPENGOVWA, the North Star Ranch is registered for ranching and the contact person is Ami Brown. However, Discovery Channel fans were not sure if they actually lived there when the fire happened. In the past, they had been accused of filming in places where they didn’t reside.

Bear Brown evacuating the fire - Discovery Channel - YouTube

Alaskan Bush People fans saw that some structures had been started and they were expecting to see some homes and cabins completed. In fact, they were filming at the time. Located in the Tonasket area, the mailing address is in Loomis, WA. So, when the wildfires started, the ranch was at risk. As it was a coronavirus year, there was some confusion about how to coordinate firefighters in the predicted bad year, per

Bear Brown Got The News Out, But What Had Happened?

This week on Reddit. a fan of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People wondered about the circumstances surrounding the fire. They wrote:

what was the source of the fire?…Just started watching Alaskan bush family and wondering what the fire investigators findings were in regards to the source of ignition of that huge fire. anyone know? saw rumors of insurance fraud but I don’t believe that.

Alaskan Bush People - Bear Brown - Discovery Channel - YouTube

In the comments, some people who watched Bear Brown and his family start rebuilding came up with their own ideas. Here are some of them”

I think that it was probably the Browns operating machinery in tall grass during a severe drought because that’s what they show them doing before the fire started. 🙃 An official cause hasn’t been released yet although it was determined to be created by humans and not lightening (sic) or any other natural phenomena.
I wouldn’t rule out insurance however I don’t think I even the browns are that stupid. It was tinder dry everywhere that year. I think either stupidity or poorly managed chronic EXTREME impulsiveness. 🐻
Probably Billy chain smoking Marlboro reds.
I think it started on a neighbor’s land in WA but it’s been awhile and I forget what was determined to have started it.
Insurance Fire?
Back in 2020, The Sun cited fans who believed that Bear Brown and his family had set the fire as an insurance scam. However, the outlet wrote, “a Public Information Officer for the Palmer Fire…denied the rumor.” The official said:

The Alaskan Bush People starting the fire is a rumor. Yes we heard it. That rumor is not substantiated. They’re not being investigated. The fire cause is being investigated. We’re not investigating them specifically.

At best, the fire investigation would probably only arrive at a “probable cause.” Given the winds and the burning embers in the area, it could have started anywhere in this vicinity. How it started does not yet seem to have been officially released.

What are your thoughts about the Palmer Mountain Wildfire in 2020? Do you think it was caused by insurance fraud? Or, was it a combination of inefficient firefighting systems due to the coronavirus? Do you think it might have been small burning fragments drifting with the ash? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.

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