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Will Alaskan Bush People Be Canceled – Bear Brown Moving On?

Will Alaskan Bush People Be Canceled – Bear Brown Moving On?

Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People is in the running to win serious money by dressing as comic book characters.

Alaskan Bush People fans are worried as Bear Brown reveals his secret obsession. Moreover, that obsession could win him some serious cash. What is Bear up to? Currently, he is spending all his free time dressing up as comic book characters, like the Joker, in the hopes of winning big.

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Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown enters a fantasy world

Swiping through Bear Brown’s Instagram reveals some fascinating images of Bear Brown convincingly dressing himself up as The Joker. In fact, of all Bear’s favorite cosplay, Batman’s arch-enemy comes out tops.

In fact, Brown, 35, loves to pay tribute to his favorite villain, even dressing in a variety of Joker variations as seen in the movies and TV shows. In his social media, Brown has shared photos of himself as Heath Ledger’s Joker from the Dark Knight trilogy. However, he also features as Jared Leto’s version from the Harley Quinn series and several more.

Dressing up in a good cause

While Bear loves to dress up for fun, he has also entered a charity contest. In the contest, he plays against other cosplayers for the chance to take home $10,000. But that’s not all, if he is lucky, he will also get a two-page feature in Star Magazine, along with two, three-day badges to Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon.

Sharing several images of himself as the Joker last month, Bear explained to his fans just what he is up to. He captioned the post, writing:

“Hey everybody so a few weeks ago I entered a cosplay competition, I honestly didn’t expect to be selected, but awesome news, I was hand picked along with numerous other contestants to be part of cosplaystars cosplay competition!”

Brown continued, writing that he thought it was “pretty awesome” and that for him “just to be in the running is an amazing honor!!!!!”

Meanwhile, with the competition ending in a few days, the Alaskan Bush People star is pretty near the top of the list. However, with time running short, Bear does sound pessimistic. In a more recent Instagram post, Bear wrote:

“I have been holding steadily in second place, except for when I dropped down to fourth! It’s looking like this will be my last round, but I’m not giving up yet! Never give up, never surrender! Family motto!”

Alaskan Bush People’s Bear needs some good news right now

Recently, Bear Brown has been going through tough times, including splitting from his wife, Raiven, for a second time, weeks after they welcomed their second son. In fact, Raiven, 23, shared a post in February where she revealed she is a “single parent.” In her post, she shared cute images of herself in bed with her and Bear’s two sons, River, 2, and Cove, three months.

Hopefully, when the competition is finally over, Bear will have taken the first prize for his amazing cosplay. What do you think, readers? Does he deserve to win the top prize? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

[All images @ bearbrownthekingofextreme on Instagram]

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